Rumors of some sort of Metrocard increase

greeted us at the beginning of the week, and, granted, they weren't so much rumors as speculation of things to come, what with the MTA's deficit. Now it seems that the MTA really does want to raise the price of Metrocards somehow and will unveil a "number of options" during their budget meeting. The options seem to be either by raising the price of rides, the price of the 10-ride-pay-per-ride option, or the cost of unlimited weekly or monthly cards, and the public will be allowed to comment on the possibilities for the next four months. While Gothamist hates subway fare hikes as much as our fellow subway and bus riders, it might be a small price to pay to make sure service doesn't get cut. But let us take the opportunity to demand that more funding from the city and the state be diverted to the MTA.

And picking up from yesterday's story about the MTA looking for corporate sponsorship of its transit lines and space, MTA chairman Peter Kalikow said that whlie he's not ruling out sponsorship of subway stations, he did admit that changing station names would be "confusing." No kidding, Kali. Other "reassurances": Grand Central won't be named after Kmart, subway cars may get small plaques on the side, and bus won't be wrapped in ads (although some feel like they are already). Gothamist on last year's Metrocard fare hike to $2.