On Monday we choked back tears reporting on the arrest of a genuine entrepreneur who was helping tourists in Lower Manhattan. 52-year-old Darrelle Lawrence allegedly stuffed the MetroCard machines in the Cortland Street R station with cardboard and offered to swipe straphangers in for the low low price of $2 cash. As always, no good deed goes unpunished, and Lawrence was charged with petit larceny, theft of services and criminal trespass. Now the Daily News reports that Lawrence has received a 60-day jail sentence. No word on when Warren Buffett will commence his hunger strike in protest.

Lawrence has been arrested 44 times prior to this for a variety of offenses, including robbery and grand larceny. One police official calls Lawrence's sentence "a success story," and the paper notes that he'll be released "on December 23 just in time for Christmas." And just in time to really push some excellent, last-minute holiday MetroCard deals.