Last night, 10 cars of a 24-car freight train carrying garbage derailed at 8:40 p.m. between the Spuyten Duyvil and Riverdale stations in the Bronx. No one was injured—except for the tracks themselves because now Metro-North service on the Hudson Line is suspended until further notice.

The CSX train had picked up trash from Oak Point Yard and was heading north. MTA spokeswoman Marjorie Anders said, "The cleanup work is continuing, it’s a big mess. The cars that derailed are in the middle of the freight train, not in front or rear, so they had to uncouple the front, move those cars away and then uncouple the rear and move those cars away." WABC 7 points out, "Workers cleaning up the mess are also dealing with intense heat and the fact that the garbage now litters the tracks. That combined with the temperatures made for a smelly experience."

Also, apparently the train derailed in a "rock cut" area where there are only two tracks, making it difficult to repair everything.

The MTA has suggestions for commuters:

For Friday AM Peak Service, customers are strongly recommended to make alternate service plans.

Customers are urged to use the Harlem Line for points of travel north and south. Hudson Line tickets will be honored on the Harlem Line and Metro-North Hudson Line parking permits will be honored at Harlem Line parking facilities operated by LAZ.

For southbound service, reduced train service will operate between Poughkeepsie and Yonkers stations only and connect with shuttle bus service to Van Cortlandt Park—242 Street for southbound 1 Subway Line Icon Subway service.

For northbound service between Yonkers and Poughkeepsie stations only, customers should take the 7 Subway Line Icon from 42nd St-Grand Central to Times Square for 1 Subway Line Icon Subway Service to Van Cortlandt Park—242 Street. Bus service will operate to Yonkers Station and connect with reduced train service to Poughkeepsie. Free subway transfers will be provided.

A special schedule to/from Yonkers and Poughkeepsie stations will be posted on this website early Friday morning.

Customers between Riverdale and Yankees-E.153rd Street stations are urged to use NYCT subway and/or bus service. Ludlow customers should use Yonkers Station.

Check MTA service status for the latest. And this has not been a good year for Metro North—in May, two trains hit each other and derailed in Connecticut, injuring dozens.