(Photo by Steven Kelley/Flickr)

The blizzard has been cancelled in NYC, but heavier snowfall is still expected throughout the northeast region—parts of New Jersey could see up to 30 inches, according to the National Weather Service, and Connecticut is still on track for nearly two feet. In response to the regional forecasts, Metro-North announced around 8 a.m. on Tuesday that they will be suspending all service at noon due to the storm, advising commuters who hadn't already boarded trains to stay at home.

“Getting customers to their destination safely is our top priority,” said Metro-North President Joseph Giulietti, who noted that the winds and snow accumulation will make it difficult "to keep the third rail clear and power running smoothly for the entire day."

Here's the breakdown of greater New York's transit services for today:

  • The last trains will arrive at Grand Central Terminal and other terminals at approximately noon.
  • Long Island Rail Road continues to operate a reduced morning service.
  • NYC bus service will begin running local starting at 7 a.m. and service will be curtailed on a route-by-route basis.
  • Above-ground service on the subway continues to be suspended and Access-a-Ride paratransit service is also suspended - other than extreme emergencies - as of 5 a.m.

The MTA's Executive Director Ronnie Hakim said in a statement: “This storm is going to bring up to two feet of snow, blizzard-like conditions, and strong winds, to the New York City region." In NYC, yesterday's forecast of up to 20" has been downgraded to an estimated 4-8" of snow.

Customers should check www.mta.info for exact schedules, and the MTA is encouraging everyone to stay at home.