A slacker track foreman at Metro North's massive Croton-Harmon yard was arrested yesterday on felony grand larceny charges after investigators determined that he was regularly clocking in and then going back home. The Daily News reports that foreman Lawrence Ohlmann is supposed to supervise track gangs fixing rails, remove debris, and inspect the tracks. Sounds like a lot of work! And not nearly as fun as chillaxing at home, which is where Ohlmann allegedly spent most of his days, getting paid $37.57 an hour for over 250 AWOL hours over the course of four months.

After receiving an anonymous tip, the MTA Inspector General launched an investigation, and found that Ohlmann, 31, would punch the time clock in at the Westchester County yard at 8 a.m., put in a solid two hours work until 10 a.m., then disappear, returning around 2:30 p.m. to punch out at 4p.m. In some cultures, that could be called siesta, but it seems the MTA frowns upon that sort of thing—if you're going to goof off, you should at least do it at the job site.