Good news, everyone! A suspicious package near a Metro-North station wasn't a bomb—it was just a box painted like Bender from Futurama. Unfortunately, it meant that Metro-North service running through Fairfield, Connecticut was suspended, causing one to two hour delays. Totally worth it for a savvy pop culture reference.

The Connecticut Post reports, "Police said the box with the painted face was first spotted on the Unquowa Road bridge over the railroad tracks by a Department of Public Works employee on the street-sweeping team about 5:30 a.m. Friday. The DPW worker alerted police, who agreed the box looked 'suspicious' and notified MTA and State Police, who dispatched a bomb squad to investigate."

NBC New York obtained a photo of the box, "[S]omeone had attached clock hands to it and painted some sort of mask with what looked like small black pupils above it." AKA, BENDER! The bomb squad cleared the item—which was empty—and service soon resumed.

Commuters were not amused. While Metro-North was just being cautious, one rider told the CT Post, "I don’t defend Metro-North any more. I used to say that Metro-North was better than the Long Island Railroad - not anymore... Commuting isn’t cheap - and they never give us a rebate or refund. We’re not getting the service for the money we spend."

All this reminds of that time Aqua Teed Hunger Force Mooninite LEDs caused freakouts in Boston and NYC?