Everyone has a friend who is immune to guilt and refuses to travel "home" on Thanksgiving, instead opting to spend the day giving thanks for unlimited bong rips and blissfully absent roommates. Maybe you are that friend, in which case you must be feeling pretttttty smug right now, because Wednesday's travel forecast is not specifically too good.

"If possible, avoid traveling on Wednesday from the mid-Atlantic to New England," says meteorologist Linda Lam. "Conditions will deteriorate mid- to late-morning in New York and Boston, and the worst of the rain and snow will continue into Wednesday night (about 8 p.m. in New York and midnight in Boston)." Good thing nobody bought plane tickets for the day before Thanksgiving.

The perfectly named Alex Sosnowski at AccuWeather is equally gloomy about tomorrow's travel conditions, and meteorologist Elliot Abrams piles on, saying the worst time to travel will be when most of us are trying to travel. "In most cases, the worst time to travel in the mid-Atlantic and New England due to the storm will be on Wednesday and Wednesday night," Abrams predicts. "The best time to travel will be Tuesday and Tuesday night in these same areas, with the next best time on Thanksgiving Day."

Can you get out of town before the Nor'easter stomps in? Like NOW? If you're flying, many airlines have waived their obscene rebooking fees for travelers in the path of the storm. Here's a current list.

Current forecast models anticipate just a few inches of snow in NYC, but upstate and parts of New Jersey could see up to a foot. If you're planning on driving or taking a bus, Robert Sinclair of AAA New York says, "I would pack your patience. Unfortunately, the storm is scheduled to hit right in the middle of getaway day."


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Of course, if the storm really does prevent you from visiting your family, we suppose they'll understand. After all, you're a big, important New Yorker now, and you couldn't possibly be expected to waste your valuable time traveling to see the only people who really love you for who you are. Go ahead, spend Thanksgiving at Lit Lounge doing key bumps with your model friends, whatever that means. Remember how they were there for you when you had intestinal worms?