Approximately 60 Occupy Wall Street protesters massed at Foley Square in Lower Manhattan just before midnight last night, where Law & Order: SVU had built a TV set that mimicked the encampment in Zuccotti Park before its eviction last month. Tarps, tents, handpainted signs bearing slogans of "We Are The 99%" and "Goldman $ucks," as well as a mock kitchen and People's Library made the fake camp very convincing. Protesters dashed through the park, defacing signs, complimenting the choice of tents and helping themselves to the food in the "kitchen." In short: it was a bizarre scene, and within the hour at least 50 NYPD officers showed up to rescind the show's permit, force the protesters from the park and order the production crew to dismantle the set. Here's video:

Initially, it seemed that both the police and the protesters weren't sure how to respond to surreality of the Mockupation. A little over a dozen NYPD officers stood on the south end of the park, while protesters began handling the set material in shock. "Toilet paper! They have toilet paper here!" one cried. "Where are they planning on using it?" Overturned pickle buckets soon became drums, and a man with an accordion slung around his neck showed up. It was Zuccotti in Foley.

"Will you tell them to stop the drumming right now?" A NYPD officer was trying to level with one protester, but he replied he had no control over whoever was drumming. "And they're just drumming they're not doing anything." "Bullshit!" another cop snapped. "They're stealing and damaging private property. I can see them." 40 feet away in the "kitchen," a bag of Smartfood Popcorn was cracked open to cheers, and Pop Tarts materialized. The police moved to the north side of the park, and three police vans and a half-dozen officers on scooters arrived.

"We have rescinded the film permit. Please exit the park behind you." The officer who had attempted to stop the drumming was now speaking into a megaphone. "If you want to stay outside the park that's fine. But if you do not leave, you will be arrested." Chants of "NYPD doesn't respect Law & Order" broke out. "We're all just extras!" one woman shouted. The crowd joined in: "These cops' costumes look so realistic!" "You guys are great at breaking down sets like these, why don't you do it!"

After fifteen minutes, the NYPD officers massed, marched in lockstep and forced the protesters through park's south exit. We were then approached by a NYPD officer around 20 feet from the north exit. "Get out or we're going to arrest you." After explaining that we were reporting, the officer responded, "Got some NYPD press credentials? Get some NYPD press credentials or get out." (The irony isn't lost on us.) Another cop repeatedly shoved us, saying "Wrong guy. Wrong guy," until we were out of the park, and outside the TV show's faux NYPD barricades. No arrests were made, according to the NYPD press office.