visible satellite image
In case you hadn't heard, there was a giant snowstorm in Colorado earlier this week. We've been enjoying the storm from a safe distance via this Flickr photo set. Gothamist mentions the storm because a warmer version of it is arriving here soon. There's no chance of snow, but the rain and fog are likely to interfere with holiday travel.

The rain is already in New Jersey and should reach the city by early this afternoon. The rain will continue, off and on, through tomorrow morning, and will be joined by areas of fog late tonight. The rain and fog will no doubt add to the current travel delays. Skies will clear during the day tomorrow.

High temperatures tomorrow and Sunday will be in the un-winterly lower- to mid-50s. Christmas Day will be slightly cooler and we may get a few rain showers Monday evening.

Visible satellite image showing clouds in the east and snow in the midwest from the Naval Research Labs.