A possible blizzard with lashing wind gusts and a “messy” snowfall of up to 10 inches is heading towards New York City after the weekend’s bitter cold snap.

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for late Sunday through late Monday, with “heavy snow possible” between 6 to 10 inches and wind gusts up to 45 mph. The snowfall may taper off by Tuesday night.

A screenshot of the National Weather Service's possible snowfall in the region as a blizzard bears down on the city.

A screenshot of the National Weather Service's possible snowfall in the region.

A screenshot of the National Weather Service's possible snowfall in the region.
National Weather Service

The storm will affect the city, northeast New Jersey and southern Connecticut, with a coastal flood watch in effect for Long Island and southern Queens on Monday.

NBC News 4 is projecting slightly more snowfall in the city at 8-12 inches of snow.

“Current projections show snow moving into New Jersey by (Sunday) afternoon, arriving in the city at some point during the evening or night. It'll be cold enough for snow to stick right away,” NBC News 4 said.

This snowstorm will be of the “messy” variety, ABC 7 warned, and the National Weather Service says visibility will be limited at times.

“The lengthy duration of the storm will cause the snow to be messy and not neatly packed. The bulk of the heavy snow will fall Monday and Monday night, with snowfall rates of up to one to two inches per hour,” ABC 7 said. “The National Weather Service warned of 'near blizzard conditions' along the coast.”

The storm is the first for this winter season, six weeks after more than a foot of delightfully powdery snow was dropped on December 16th, 2020.

Sunday’s snowstorm comes after a polar vortex dropped temperatures into the teens on Saturday, with temperatures feeling as low as -5 degrees, thanks to the "coldest air mass of the season,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said Friday.

"New York is in the midst of another wave of extreme cold as climate change increasingly requires us to cope with erratic and severe weather as well as hundred-year storms that happen twice a year," Cuomo said in a statement. "While outdoor activities are a staple of winter in New York, this cold has created a really dangerous situation that will continue for the next day or two. During that time, it's critical for New Yorkers to not only be smart but to limit their own household's exposure to the elements."

Central and southern New Jersey will likely see more snowfall, possibly more than 10 inches.

Con Edison said the utility is undergoing preparations:

And NYC students should remember for Monday -- the snow day is dead.