Yesterday we shared a first-hand account from the emotionally-charged opening ceremony for the National 9/11 Memorial Museum. Now the folks at EarthCam have given us this beautiful HD time-lapse video, documenting the construction of the memorial pools and museum from groundbreaking to completion. Happily, the video moves too fast to show all the political backbiting that delayed completion of the museum until almost 13 years after 9/11. We recommend going full-screen on this:

"From October 2004 to May 2014, millions of photos of the jobsite were archived and EarthCam’s on-site producers edited the footage into a commemorative two and a half minute time-lapse movie," EarthCam announced in a press release. "Also visible in the time-lapse is the 'Survivor Tree,' which was discovered and nurtured after the September 11 attacks and is a living reminder of strength and resilience."

This week the fences that have long kept the reflecting pools off limits were finally removed. The museum opens to the general public on May 21st.