This past weekend was the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, and the weather held out for the wild creativity of slinky sea-inspirsed couture. NY1 had a great quote from one onlooker: "The costumes are crazy. There are boobs everywhere.” It wouldn't be the Mermaid Parade without them. Newsday leads their article with a chesty description: "Marlena Zaps and her two friends sloshed along Surf Avenue yesterday, their breasts covered by an elaborate contraption: clear fish bowls filled with water and multicolored plastic fish, somehow bound together and held to their bodies with wire, silver duct tape and ingenuity." King Moby and Queen Theo Kogan. though neither has written a report of what it's like to have tons of nutty but lovable near-nudists outside of a concert venue.

Kevin Walsh has put up photographs of this year's parage at Forgotten NY; check out his pictures from last year, 2002, 2001 and 2000. Also, thanks to Kevin for the photograph above. And the Invisible Rabbit has an amazing photo gallery of Mermaid Parade photographs as well. Definitely check both sets of photos out if you missed the parade - everyone's incredibly creative with their costumes.