2006_01_gavel.jpgSome murder cases that became high profile stories because of their utter inhumanity and depravity of the crimes are now in the courts. A Brooklyn court is hearing about murder of Ramona Moore, a Hunter college student who was raped and attacked with a knife, saw and barbell while chained in a basement by two men in 2003. Kayson Pearson and Troy Hendrix are charged with Moore's murder, and burn marks found on her disfigured face indicated they were in the Bloods. The prosecution's witness is someone who Pearon and Hendrix bragged to about "having a girl" - they showed him the tortured figure of Moore. The Daily News writes, "[Witness Raymondo] Jack never called the police, and Moore's body was found weeks later after an anonymous caller tipped the family - responding to desperate posters seeking info on their missing loved one."

And in the Queens trial of William Capeheart, one of three men who robbed and beat a Chinese food delivery man to death in 2004, it turns out the murder was a gang initiation into the Bloods' "Gun Squad". Nayquan Miller, who accepted a plea for 20 years in prison in return for testifying against Capeheart, said Capeheart told Charles Bryant he would need to prove himself by killing the Chinese food delivery man, Huang Chen. Miller says he didn't think Bryant would go through with it, but ended up joining in when Bryant and Capeheart were "stomping" on Chen in the apartment building's hall. The three later killed Chen, and tried to cover up the crime by dumping his body and car into a lake. Bryant was convicted last year and is sentenced to 51 years and 4 months in prison, and Capeheart is facing the same sentence.