Around 5 a.m. yesterday morning, a Mercedes coupe crashed into a van headed to JFK Airport in Midtown, injuring the van's five passengers and driver. The coupe, possibly drag racing with another Mercedes and going over 100 MPH, ran a red light going north up 6th Avenue and slammed into the van, which was traveling east on 50th. And now it turns out the SUV driver blew a 0.114 on the blood alcohol reading. (The legal limit in New York is .08.)

Witnesses said that the crash resulted in a huge "explosion." Good Samaritans rushed to free the van's passengers, one of whom was "partially ejected from the bus and was pinned underneath." Imran Ahmed, of Jersey City, NJ, was arrested for vehicular assault, driving under the influence and aggravated unlicensed driving. According to the Post, while he was being transferred from the precinct house, the 27-year-old said, "I’m sorry to the families. My condolences to the families."

The Post also detailed the injuries: The van's passengers "included a couple from Israel — David Sayag, 57, who suffered cuts to his neck and arms, and his wife, Bracha, 46, who had a fractured skull and ribs — and city visitors Joanne Gordon, 57, who suffered cut arms, and Julie Robson, 60, who had back pain. Van driver Vanik Chiloyan, 56, of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, suffered broken ribs and a busted shoulder, relatives said."