School interior; Photo: Green Trabant

The City announced a new $36 million program that will team over 5000 new teachers with 300 mentors (veteran teachers) to help the new teachers better acclimate to the NYC public school system and, more importantly, retain them. The mentors have gone through training from The New Teacher Center at UC Santa Cruz, city is funding the program. Mayor Bloomberg said, "We’ve worked hard to recruit the best and Brightest teachers for our schools, and now we want to provide them with the wisdom and guidance they need to adjust to and succeed in their new careers." Gothamist sincerely hope this program succeeds, because if there's one thing that's critical to building the city, it's making sure all children have the opportunity for a great education from teachers who do care. We've heard too many stories about veteran teachers who don't care or new teachers who burn out because the schools don't give them support. We wish all NYC school teachers, new and old, the best for the new school year.

Photo of a Bronx school stairwell by Green Trabant.