Do you have a good relationship with your mother-in-law? A wise man once said that you're not really part of your wife's family until you truly bond with your mother-in-law. Some people help with garage sales, others take an interest in their crocheting. But Long Islander David Flores is setting the bar pretty high: Flores, who suffers from kidney disease and requires regular dialysis, defended his mother-in-law Flora Dacek from a robber with a long rap sheet in the East Village this week.

Ivan Cotton, who has been previously jailed for attacks involving baseball bats and knives, allegedly grabbed a pushcart from Dacek as she entered her home on First Avenue. "I said, 'Stupid-head! Why do you do that?' He said, 'What are you gonna do?'" Dacek told the Post. Her ailing son-in-law, who had just dropped her off after going shopping with her and was waiting in his car for her to enter her building, sprung to her defense, standing up to the attacker. He got in Cotton's face, and the ex-con eventually rushed him, but nearby cops heard the commotion and arrested Cotton, who was charged with robbery.

"My son-in-law loves me too much. He's a good son-in-law," said Dacek and she now calls him her hero. This is at least the third attack on elderly ladies this year: an 81-year-old woman was robbed at the Fulton Street subway station; and thugs beat the crap out of Joseph Naimo and his 74-year-old wife Linda on his 81st birthday (Linda later died from her injuries). If only all those grandmother's could have had a son-in-law like Flores with them.