The man suspected of fatally shooting a federal judge's son in New Jersey left behind a trail of violently misogynistic, pro-Trump writing, in which he fantasized about raping another female judge and alluded to an armed uprising of angry men.

Roy Den Hollander, 72, is accused of posing as a FedEx driver and opening fire outside the North Brunswick home of U.S. District Judge Esther Salas, killing her 20-year-old son, Daniel Anderl, and critically wounding her husband, Mark Anderl. Salas was uninjured.

Den Hollander was found dead in his Rockland County home on Monday of apparently self-inflected wounds, according to authorities.

A self-described "anti-feminist" lawyer, Den Hollander previously made headlines for a slew of failed discrimination lawsuits, including attempts to outlaw Ladies Nights at Manhattan bars and ban women's studies classes at Columbia University.

Thousands of pages of online writing published under Den Hollander's name offer a more disturbing window into his seething hatred of women, particularly women of color and immigrants.

In one self-published screed, first reported by NBC, Den Hollander referred to Salas as "a lazy and incompetent Latina judge appointed by Obama." Latinas in general, he wrote, are "driven by an inferiority complex.”

Following his divorce proceedings, for which Den Hollander was representing himself, he wrote that a state judge who "boiled with female hostility" should be raped until she "screams in pain."

Elsewhere he discussed the need for "vigilante justice," telling the Daily News in 2013 that his repeated court failures had convinced him it may be time to "pull a Carrie Nation on the ladies' nights clubs," referring to the Prohibition-era activist known for taking a hatchet to bars serving alcohol.

Authorities believe that Den Hollander, who announced his cancer diagnosis earlier this year, may have been planning an attack on another judge.

Among his personal effects recovered by the FBI was the name and photo of New York Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, a state court spokesperson confirmed to Gothamist.

A law enforcement official told the Times that investigators were looking into whether Den Hollander had planned to "take out" more of his enemies before his death.

Den Hollander also wrote effusively about President Trump, who he saw as the antidote to the scourge of political correctness, undocumented immigrants, and the "Feminazi controlled media."

On his personal Twitter, Den Hollander defended the president as recently as April, writing that the media was not giving Trump enough credit for stopping COVID-19 by implementing travel restrictions on China.

Of Barack Obama and the Democrats, he wrote that they were “that Orwellian party of feminists, ethnics, Muslims, illegals and queers who think they are superior to everyone else, especially white males."

The foundation for much of Den Hollander's hatred of women seemed to be the rejection of his ex-wife, who he alleged was a "mafia prostitute" and part of Russian crime syndicate. He claims the two met while he was working at a Moscow detective agency, Kroll Associates, and that she used him to obtain American citizenship.

In one passage, the alleged gunman ominously referred to the violent nature of armed men spurned by women.

“The Feminists should be careful in their meddling with nature," he wrote. "There are 300 million firearms in this country, and most of them are owned by guys.”