At the National Aquatics Center in Beijing, the U.S. men's swimming team for the 4x100m freestyle relay provided a stirring, come-from-behind win over France in the final moments of the race. While Michael Phelps, who won the 400m individual medley already, is still on track to win eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the real story was the relay's anchor leg swimmer, Jason Lezak.

Lezak was trailing French 100m freestyle world record holder (until the first leg of the race, when Australia's Eamonn Sullivan swam a new world record-setting 47.24) Alain Bernard, but managed to swim a 46.06 and out-touched Bernard by 0.08 at the end. Bernard, who earlier had said of the race, "The Americans? We’re going to smash them. That’s what we came here for," was described by the NY Times as having "broke[n] down in tears in the pool and later in the mixed zone." The U.S. team set a new world recording, with a time of 3:08.24, and Lezak set a world record for a 100m relay split.

Phelps said of Lezak, "His last 50 meters were absolutely incredible. He had a perfect finish." You can watch the race (maybe, if your browser is willing/compatible) on NBC's Olympics website, but the NY Times has an interactive explaining the progress of the race (and calling Lezak the "Mariano Rivera" of swimming). USA Today has a Phelps tracker, to track his medal progress, and here's an overall look at medal standings.