Hundreds of people stampeded out of a late-night showing of La La Land at Regal Cinemas Union Square on Saturday night, after a mumbling man wandered to the front of the theater and made ominous movements in front of the screen.

"What really freaked my friend and I out was when he said, 'I'm sorry. I'm so sorry,'" said Chelsea Grogan, 24, who was sitting in the balcony. "I was like, is he going to do something?"

Another theatergoer, Spencer Schwartz, tweeted that the man turned around "like Carrie."

Grogan said she had kicked off her shoes earlier in the evening, and didn't have time to put them back on before running for the exit. Though she wasn't close enough to see the man clearly in the dark theater, she panicked when people in the front rows began screaming. "It was a massive stampede," she recalled on Monday morning. "I was running downstairs. I wasn't wearing shoes at the time. I kind of fell. Both of my knees are bruised. One of my toes is purple. It was insane."

"I heard people start to shuffle and move then it was total pandemonium," theatergoer Benjamin Gilbert wrote in a message to Gothamist. "Literally zero to 60 in three seconds. People were climbing over the seats, pushing each other, [and] a woman screamed the name 'Brandon.'"

"We got to the exit door and people were piling up on a step that was in the hallway, and pushing each other," he added.

Regal Cinemas staff later told police officers that the unidentified man purchased a ticket to a different film at the 850 Broadway theater, before wandering into the last ten minutes of a 9:20 p.m. showing of La La Land, around 11:45 p.m. A spokeswoman for the NYPD said that the man "did walk to the front of the theater and was mumbling words and was holding a cup in his hands." His actions prompted "a chain reaction of people exiting the theater rapidly."

Theater staff told the NYPD that the man did not display or mention a weapon, though Grogan said that rumors of a gun circulated while people frantically exited. "When I was running down I think somebody said, 'He has a gun,'" she recalled. "Four years after Aurora there should be a protocol in place."

Other theatergoers said the Regal Cinemas staff did not handle the incident well. According to witnesses, staff didn't answer questions about whether the NYPD was en route. Meanwhile, theater doors weren't wide enough to accommodate a swift, mass exit.

Guests were allowed to reenter the theater about ten minutes after the incident to retrieve coats, bags and hats left behind during the stampede.

"Only one person—a person working at the concession stand—asked if people were ok and looked genuinely concerned," Gilbert said. "The rest of the staff, including two people who I assume were in charge of security, were callous and cavalier as shaken, sobbing people walked back into the theater to retrieve their purses, coats, and shopping bags that they had left behind as they fled fearing for their lives."

No arrests have been made as of Monday, according to the NYPD. Regal Cinemas did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to Gilbert, he and about 30 other guests received full reimbursement early Sunday morning, after waiting outside the theater for about 45 minutes. "They gave it to us without so much as asking us if we were ok," he said.