2007_01_fireescape.jpgThe good news: Heroism may be contagious. Two men walking on Daly Avenue in the East Tremont section of the Bronx caught a three year old boy who fell from a fire escape - on the fourth floor. The NY Times on what Julio Gonzalez and Pedro Nevarez say:

The two men first saw the baby from across the Bronx street, dangling from a fire escape four stories above the sidewalk. His grip was growing weaker by the second. The two men saw only one choice: run over and try to catch him.

They positioned themselves below, arms out. The little boy fell. He glanced off a branch of a tree that was brushing against the fire escape. Then he bounced off the chest of one of the men, who was knocked off balance and could not grab him.

But he landed safely in the arms of the other man, who managed to hold on tight.

Neighbors had been watching and yelling for the baby sitter to appear, but it turns out little Timothy Addo sneaked onto the fire escape when his baby sitter Carol Baldwin went to another room to smoke. The police are investigating, but Gonzalez said, "Kids are fast. And things happen so fast." However, another father whose daughter was being watched by Baldwin at the same time told the Times he wasn't sending his kids back to be watched by her.

Timothy, who is 45 pounds but felt "more than a hundred" to Nevarez who caught him, only had some scratches and bruises; he told the Post, "This morning I want to be Superman. I wanna be Spider-Man." And Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "This is a week of heroes in New York."