upswhiteboard.jpgThree UPS employees and a fourth man were arrested earlier this week after police followed a package filled with heroin to a 29th St. address. The package had been identified as being filled with drugs at a UPS distribution hub in Kentucky.

The package was delivered to its intended address at 104 West 29th St. by an undercover cop dressed as a UPS employee and the NYPD then sat on the address. Eventually, three UPS drivers arrived and were arrested with 10 pounds of heroin. The drugs were estimated to be worth $1 million.

Early last year, a UPS delivery man was arrested for running a scheme that included stolen credit cards and swiped Sidekicks. The high-tech handsets would be ordered with stolen credit cards and then intercepted by other drivers in on the plan, who would be paid $50 per Sidekick.