Yesterday, two men died after being shot in their heads in a Bronx elevator. Now, the police have arrested a suspect—and the killings may have been over the suspect's car

According to the police, they found Darryl Page, 26, and Tykquen Fennell, 23, in the elevator at 3125 Park Avenue, part of the Morrisania Air Rights public housing, yesterday before 11 a.m. Both were pronounced dead at Lincoln Medical Center.

The NY Times reports, "Neighbors said the shootings appeared to be retaliation after the two victims sat on a car’s bumper late on Sunday while it was parked on the street. Four residents of the building who knew the victims described a similar situation in which the car owner took the men’s behavior as a sign of disrespect. The residents declined to give their names because of fears of retaliation."

The Post offers more detail:

The bad blood started earlier in the day, when the killer’s brother witnessed the same group “messing with” his van parked near the corner of 158th Street and Park Avenue just before 1 a.m., sources said.

That’s when the disgruntled vehicle owner pulled out a gun and chased the group away, shooting wildly and hitting one of the fleeing men in the leg. That person was treated at Lincoln Hospital for minor injuries...

[On Monday morning] when the gunman spotted the duo sitting on his parked Toyota just before 11 a.m. and told them to beat it, sources said.

When the men refused to leave his car alone, the owner pulled out a gun and chased the pair through one of the buildings and into an elevator, where the trapped men were each shot through the head with a .40-caliber handgun.

Apparently the Morrisania Air Rights housing is nicknamed the "Vietnam Projects" or "Vietnam Houses," because there's so much violence. Fennell lived in the building, and yesterday was his mother's birthday. A neighbor told the Times, "Over a car, over sitting on a car? The mother lost her son on her birthday. This is no way to live."

Police arrested Willie Stukes, 44, who lives down the street at 3071 Park Avenue, and charged him with two counts of murder in the second degree. Stukes reportedly has 20 prior arrests.