Three alleged baby formula bandits from NYC were arrested after a high-speed chase in Mahwah, New Jersey last night. The suspects, who allegedly intended to sell the expensive formula to bodegas back in NYC, were caught boosting $3,000 worth of Enfamil at an A&P. "Their scam was they just take the shopping cart and they filled it up with Enfamil, baby formula,” Mahwah Police Chief James Batelli told CBS 2. “There’s really no way that law enforcement can track these items, so it’s a very profitable scheme for them.” It certainly beats what you can make on the illicit diaper market.

A misguided brave employee followed the suspects out of the store and confronted them in the parking lot. The he got beat up. Alleged baby formula getaway driver Marvin Guillaume-Sam, 21, of Rosedale, N.Y, led police on a chase down Route 17, finally crashing into a tree while trying to exit in Ho-Ho-Kus. Cops collared one alleged bandit in the vehicle, while the other two fled on foot and ran to... the train station. Where they too were arrested.

The ending of this story is a tad, ahem, formulaic. Guillaume-Sam is charged with attempting to elude a police officer, shoplifting and assault. Linson Watson, 19, of Brooklyn, N.Y., and Jovon Alleyne, 18, of Rosedale, N.Y., were charged with robbery, shoplifting and assault. The baby formula was recovered, but we wouldn't hold out much hope for the tape deck. (Or the Creedence.)