2008_08_cal.jpgTonight at Theater for the New City in the East Village, friends will remember Cal Chamberlain, a 90's scenester who had a popular internet show a decade before You Tube would become a household name. Today's NY Times has a piece chronicling the life of "Judge Cal," one of the first people hired by Pseudo.com, a pioneer site in the web's early days that sent Chamberlain to the 2000 Republican convention armed with a headset webcam. The Times describes Chamberlain's life, from appearing in a David Byrne video to his friendship with Debbie Harry, "like scenes from a Jay McInerney novel." Chamberlain also served as a blogger for CNN and worked with the art collective The Madagascar Institute at Burning Man to create “Big Rig” that featured parts of two 18-wheelers welded together. Chamberlain was found dead in his Chelsea apartment two weeks ago with the cause still unclear.