2006_12_ericngvr.jpgThere's information about a memorial ride for Eric Ng, the 22 year old bicyclist who was killed by a drunk driver driving on the Hudson River bike path. Ng, a recent NYU graduate, lived in Brooklyn and was in the NYC Teaching Fellows program. Here's an excerpt from a sad post by Eliot at Visual Resistance:

I’ve been making ghost bikes for strangers for a year and a half. Eric’s is not the first that made me cry, but it’s the first that made me hurt. A big group of Eric’s friends spent the weekend mourning, talking, and, finally, making. We made a ghost bike for him on Saturday and sunflowers on Sunday. Eric’s memorial plaque reads “Love & Rage” — no resting in peace for this rock star.

We are planning for a memorial ride this Saturday, December 9th, meeting at 1pm in Washington Square Park and then proceeding to the site of Eric’s death. Non-bikers can head straight to the site, on the West Side bike path near Clarkson St. Please bring flowers (especially sunflowers), sidewalk chalk, paint, whatever you want. There will be a memorial service after the ride with music and a slideshow, and a party later that night. Check back here for further details; we’ll update this post as soon as we can.

Thank you to everyone who has been e-mailing and to those strangers who have already placed signs and flowers at the site. Thank you for your kindness and your anger both. A lot of people have been talking about pressing for physical barriers against cars on the bike path and other infrastructure improvements to help prevent future deaths. This is a great idea, and people should not hesitate to contact local elected officials, and get in touch with Time’s Up and Transportation Alternatives, who I know already are working along those lines.

Ng's funeral is tomorrow in East Brunswick, NJ; here's further information.

The driver, Eugenio Cidron, was charged with vehicular manslaughter after driving on the bike path for over a mile; he had been celebrating at a holiday party at Chelsea Piers.

Photograph from visual resistance