This forecast just plain sucks. I've got a few other choice words to describe the weather for the next couple of days but I'll leave those for you in the comments section. Last month was the fifth-driest April on record. With nearly two inches yesterday this month is now the ninth wettest May. More rain, possibly heavy rain, is almost certain today as a cold front slowly moves across the city. One bright spot, at least you're not in the Finger Lakes where it is 40 degrees and the radar shows precipitation of a solid variety this morning.

Look for the rain to continue through tomorrow as a low pressure system forms along the front and then moves northward. Tomorrow's high will only be in the mid to upper 50s, which is absolutely miserable for Memorial Day weekend. The front and the storm should finally get pushed out sometime on Sunday. Any rain should end Sunday morning, but most of the day will be cool and windy with a high in the mid 60s.

To finish up let's look on the bright side. Memorial Day itself is shaping up to be warm, well warmish, and sunny, which is perfect for trying out Citi Bike. Monday's high is expected to reach the lower 70s under mostly sunny skies. Tuesday and Wednesday of next week are looking much the same.