With the snow having almost melted completely, New Yorkers are slowly realizing that the pavement below them, upon which they frolic and bounce with high heels and designer sneakers, has been completely replaced by dog poop. Calls to 311 for poop violations ("Enforcement of Failure to Pick Up Canine Waste") have increased sharply in the past four months, from 169 complaints in November, to 276 in January, to 235 this month as of Tuesday. Couldn't we just enlist some of our local rats to eat it?

Inwood and Washington Heights residents told DNAInfo that their neighborhood was a "war zone" of poop particles. "They walk their four-legged companions in the stealth of late night or early morning; Although their dogs have brains the size of peaches, it is actually they who operate out of complete disregard & laziness," said one disgruntled resident on a Washington Heights and Inwood message board.

The Daily News is enraged that there haven't been more summonses written for the crappy violations, and even desperately invoke the name of Fran Lee Weiss, the "eminence of effluence" who inspired the city to enact the nation's first pooper scooper law in 1978. Since the pooper scooper fine increased from $100 to $250, city inspectors issued far fewer tickets to dog owners last year. Just remember that no matter how annoyed you, don't be temped to pick up other people's poop.