Knicks star Carmelo Anthony is currently on a whirlwind promotional tour adventure into the heart of China with fellow NBA star, BFF, and potential teammate Chris Paul. Anthony is ostensibly there to promote shoes, as part of the annual Jordan Brand Flight Tour, a four-city brand promotion that includes store appearances and training camps. But he seems like he's having a lot more fun chilling out with pandas and performing interpretive dances. Watch below:

It seems that Melo and Paul were attempting an opera mask performance. Those kooky kids! Both Anthony and Paul have declared themselves members of the 'Sure, what the heck, I wouldn't mind playing in China' camp of NBA athletes, as Shanghaiist put it, during the current NBA lockout.

At least the two seem to be having a much better time in China than David Sedaris, who recently wrote an incredibly negative essay on going to China in which he obsessed about the "wads of phlegm glistening like freshly shucked oysters on staircases and escalators" and generally waded in myopia. As one SF Gate writer accurately concluded, the piece was "a screed, plain and simple, designed to make China look as ghastly as possible for exaggerated comic effect," but lacking Sedaris's usual wit.

As long as Melo doesn't run into the Chopstick thief, we think he'll continue having a great time there. But the question we have is: where's La La??