2008_12_mele.jpgIn case there has been any ambiguity up until this point, Michael Mele is not a nice person. One of his employees at the Quizno's he manages in Orange County recounted to the Post today about how her boss berated her, screaming into the phone at her for revealing to police where he lived when they came by investigating the disappearance of Laura Garza.

And yesterday The Today Show spoke to Adriana McLean, one of the women Mele had masturbated on while lurking in the Palisades Center mall parking lot. McLean, who was only 17 at the time, recounted the attack, saying, "He was like a predator. He ran after me. He didn't try to do it subtly at all...As soon as he put his hands on me, I knew I was in a lot of trouble and I thought that I was gonna die."

The show also spoke to friends of Garza's from her hometown in Texas where she had recently relocated to Brooklyn from. They reiterated that her leaving a club like Marquee with a stranger such as Mele was completely out of character, that she was the type to nurse one drink throughout an evening. When asked why they thought she would have behaved differently last week, one told Meredith Viera, "He probably slipped something in her drink."