Police have identified all four casualties in Saturday's Megabus crash near Syracuse, including an 18-year-old New Jersey girl who seemed to be the only passenger getting off at Syracuse from the Toronto-bound bus. Driver John Tomaszewski, who began working for Megabus in the spring, reportedly missed a turn for the Regional Transportation Center in Syracuse, and used a GPS device to find his way down Onondaga Lake Parkway for a way back to the station, which drivers are not authorized to use when they are lost.

Investigators don't believe he braked before hitting the low-hanging bridge that crushed the top level of the double-decker bus, and he has no reason for why he missed several warning signs. Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh said, “He never saw the bridge."

Deanna Armstrong, 18, was one of four casualties in the accident, along with a Philadelphia college student, a Malaysian preacher and an information technology specialist from India. All four had been sitting in the front of the top level of the bus, which was going about 35 mph before the crash. No charges have been filed in the crash, and Megabus officials said Tomaszewski had driven that route at least eight times. Tomaszewski claims he's driven it at least 20.