It's a coin-flipper of a forecast today. Heads and say this layer of stratus clouds lasts all day. In that case the high will reach the mid 80s and there will be a good chance of scattered showers as a cold front approaches this afternoon. If the coin lands tail up, like the Weather Service believes, the stratus clouds will burn off by early afternoon, the temperature will zip up close to 90 and there will be a good chance of heavy showers and thunderstorms later in the day. Tonight's Jets-Giants game at the new Meadowlands stadium could be a soggy affair.

The forecast for tomorrow is much easier. Rain will end tonight once the front passes, giving way to sunny skies and a high near 90.

The warm, dry weather won't last too long. The cold front is expected to stall parallel to the coast. Along with southerly winds in the jet stream this will allow low pressure to form along the front and quikly move northward. Look for humid, cloudy conditions by Wednesday afternoon and showers by Wednesday night lasting through Thursday.