2007_03_megamillions.jpgPeople are going Mega Millions crazy! That's why the estimated jackpot for tonight's Mega Millions jackpot is now $370 million. That's up from an estimate of $340 million on Sunday and $355 million just yesterday! The odds of winning the jackpot is listed as 1 in 176 million.

Because the jackpot is the largest in the game's history, all 12 participating states agreed to move the drawing from Atlanta to Times Square. Hosting the drawing is New York Lotto's own Yolanda Vega. That just doesn't have the same ring as when Vega says her name on the air. The winning numbers will be drawn at 11 PM.

Gothamist has our numbers tickets purchased already. And yes, the lottery is for fools, but we couldn't resist the lure of losing out in $370 million. Are you planning on playing?

Update: The numbers drawn were 42-39-29-22-16, and Mega Ball was 20. Tickets with the winning numbers were reportedly sold. We'll see if anyone realizes they have them!