Former MTA worker (he already quit!) and new multimillionaire Aubrey Boyce would probably like to take his lotto winnings and buy a new name. The Queens resident finally picked up his $133 million from the Mega Millions folks at Grand Central yesterday—a nearly $55 million (post tax) lump sum payment—on a giant check made out to the mysterious "Archibald Trust" (a fund Boyce created and appointed himself trustee of).

The NY Times notes that the winner fled after his appearance—a public appearance that is required in the state if you win. While forced under the spotlight he donned sunglasses and "a staid expression," and gave few details, only saying that he was born in South America, had a wife but no children, and would like to fishing in a warm climate.

Indeed, his lawyer had told him two things: no swindling, and no talking to the media. But the NY Post has a few quotes—he told the onlookers yesterday that he is "Shocked and still a little nervous about the whole thing," but added that it is "a dream come true."

For anyone wondering what it would be like to hit the jackpot, financial planners warn, "Whenever someone comes into a sum of money far greater than anything they've seen, they are often overwhelmed and, in many cases, do not prepare for what's coming." Could it happen to you? Boyce's fortune didn't come from a lucky combo of numbers—it was computer-generated!