2006_04_snowmoment.jpgApril is supposed to be a month full of rain (so says the ditty, so says the forecast for the rest of the week), but yesterday we got mutant snowflakes that came down fast and furious, confusing us enough to take a prolonged looksy during work, but then it turned beautiful and sunny (if cool). There was only 1/8 inch of accumulation, but this tiny bit of snow means that NYC has had 40 inches of snow for the past four years (hooray for record-keeping!). Gothamist just felt bad for those people who have been dressing like it's summer already - you've seen thosem wearing shorts or teeny skirts with flip-flops... okay, we laughed a little too.

While you may think that's the end of snow for now, we did a little digging around, and there was a few inches of snowfall in April 2003.

Photograph of snow falling in Brooklyn from mbrandonw on Flickr