Jeanine Cammarata, the teacher missing since last weekend, has been identified as the victim found early Thursday morning in a Staten Island storage unit, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner confirmed Friday. Her estranged husband, Michael Cammarata, and Ayisha Egea, his girlfriend, were also charged with her death on Friday. They've both been charged with second-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence, and concealment of a human corpse, according to the NYPD.

On Thursday, Cammarata's "badly burnt" body was found in an Arden Heights storage space lined with air fresheners to mask the smell, the New York Post reports. Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson said in a statement that Cammarata had been identified through her dental records.

Cammarata was last seen by her boyfriend, Aaron Suchecki, on Saturday. Suchecki said she dropped him off at his house before driving to her estranged husband's place, with the intention to see their children. A teacher at P.S. 29, she had been in the process of divorcing Michael Cammarata and reportedly gave him divorce papers shortly before she disappeared, according to the late Cammarata's lawyer. On Monday, Cammarata missed work at school and at Dollar Tree, where she worked part-time. That day, she also missed a court date her ongoing custody battle with her husband for their children. She was reported missing on Tuesday.

After Cammarata went missing, her best friend, Jessica Pobega, said she received a series of peculiar text messages, purporting to be from her missing friend. When Pobega said she was calling the police, she received a text saying: "I don't want that...I have the kids...I apologize. I have to do this for the children."

After being questioned by police, Michael Cammarata said that he had hit his ex-wife when they met up over the weekend. He was immediately taken into custody, first on charges for assault and for stalking her in prior incidents.

Cammarata was reportedly caught on tape transporting a sizable plastic container from his apartment to the Staten Island storage space. There, he was allegedly seen in a surveillance video, along with someone else, carting the container inside a storage unit, as The New York Daily News reports.

"I will miss you forever.. I will make sure they pay," Pobega wrote on Facebook, after her late friend's death was confirmed. "I will make sure that they see my face at that trial.. you will have justice.. they had no right to take you away like that.. you deserved the world."