With reporters dispatched to the four corners of the NYC transportation universe (the subway, the bus depot, the sidewalk, and the bridge), NYC media is in a frenzy. Reporters are noting how many cars are being turned away at 96th Street (the boundary for high occupancy vehicles - apparently drivers are looking for people to fill their car so they can make it past 96th Street, sadly no reporters have captured drivers kicking out the other three occupants at 95th), walkers are cold on the Brooklyn Bridge (and everywhere else), and the subway stations are empty! NY1's "In the Papers" was actually focused on the local newspapers' websites, because many papers didn't go to press in time (okay, we're just talking about the Times). It's also the top story for many of the national morning broadcasts - on NBC, it was before the terrible seaplane crash in Miami. Helicopters are buzzing above, looking for good aerials, and we imagine many people haven't slept much. Readers, if you see a reporter, give them a good soundbite, like, "Union!" or "Whatever, I can walk to work" or "I'm so screwed at work" or a really loud "Pataki sucks and blows!"

Do you find yourself mesmerized by a certain reporter on the transit beat? Tell us about your crush! And TV producers couldn't ask for a better fashion decision from the Mayor than his "i (heart) nyc" sweater [via BlogNYC].