There's a slight rap on the knuckles for the media in an article about how intense reporter scrutiny of a four year old is causing problems. The NY Times looks at little Valery Belén Saavedra Lozada, who was found abandoned on a Queens street in the middle of the night, most likely by the man who killed her mother. When Valery was first found, child welfare officials decided to allow her to be interviewed by a WNBC reporter, describing herself and her mother, in order to see if anyone have had any leads about who she was. And the footage, which aired over and over again because whose heart doesn't break when they see an adorable girl describing her mother as a "princess," was successful in identifying her. But then the fascination with Valery continued, which has resulted in reporters "camping outside the home" of her guardians (temporary ones - her mom's cousins) in Long Island.

The NYC child welfare commissioner says, "She is a private citizen. She's not Princess Diana." Tell that to the producers of the ten o'clock news! Gothamist is ashamed to say that we are guilty of being curious about Valery - we just want her to know that people out there care about her and think that she deserves as happy a childhood from here on out as possible.