After neighbors complained last week that the raucous Sunday pool parties at the Gansevoort Park Avenue were allegedly violating building code, the Post reports that this Sunday's affair was considerably more low key. Sponsored by Maxim and General Snus (the tobacco, not the famous general in the Crimean War who urged his soldiers to "place the enemy between your gums and suck like hell!"), the party only allotted 50 people deck access at a time, per the DOB's restrictions. Our sources also told us that a woman was ejected for eating a particularly loud Ruffles potato chip, and that several blindfolded swimmers floated aimlessly for hours without being able to shout "Marco!"

"Today was much, much better," one resident of a nearby building said. "My guess is the photo [in the Post] is what did it." Other neighbors aren't convinced that the parties will remain civil. "It seems like less people today," Andrew Davis said. "But it's not 95 degrees, and it's not great pool weather. I would need more weeks of warmer weather to see if there's a change." No word on whether Davis has been informed of the Polar Bear Swimmers Yodeling Guild's plan to book the hotel for the entire month of January.