A couple visiting New York City claims that the Gansevoort Meatpacking District's hotel pool made them more ill than a pool that costs $500 a night to use usually does. "I ended up vomiting in the street," Chloe Pate told the Post. "We both got sick. The effects lasted for days." Pate traveled with her husband Jason Dreamer, an animator at Pixar, who now is presumably working on a film called Louie, about a talking pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses that becomes sick after getting dropped into the Gansevoort pool and must nourish itself back to health by ordering room service.

The couple says they were sick immediately after taking a dip on July 7. "Within a half hour, we started vomiting," Pate says. "First we thought it was food poisoning, but then we realized that we didn't eat the same breakfast. I'm sure it was the water." A hotel spokesman is skeptical about Pate's scientific reasoning: "There's no proof these people actually got sick. We offered medical attention, and they refused. Then when they were checking out, they asked for several nights for free."

Naturally they did what any sensible consumer would do and complained on the internet, but they say the hotel took their diatribe off Trip Advisor. "It goes to show you how shady they're being," Pate, the woman who is in an actual newspaper for vomiting in a luxury pool says.

This is why we stick to public pools, people.