A meat wrapper at a Western Beef supermarket in Staten Island is suing the company for shrugging off complaints about her manager's sexual harassment. Jessica McCarthy, 23, says she endured constant sexual advances and innuendo from boss Jose Delgado. According to the lawsuit, Delgado is so fond of ribald double entendres that he even had a sign reading "Bone me, I'm the meat manager" laminated and displayed in his department. Oh Staten Island, you give so much and ask so little in return.

In February, Delgado tried to romance McCarthy with the offer of sex in an employee bathroom, but she refused, telling him she’s a lesbian. "That was like throwing steak to the lions," her lawyer tells the Post, and from that day forth McCarthy had to listen to Delgado's idiotic wisecracks about lesbians. According to the lawsuit, these included such gems as "Are you scared of my [penis]? Don’t you need a man?"

And when McCarthy complained to a supervisor, she was told, "Oh, Jose is like that," according to the lawsuit. In retaliation, Delgado allegedly told McCarthy she had to work on Sundays or be fired, thereby reneging on a promise to let her have Sundays off to care for her ailing mother. So she quit. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for "lost wages, emotional pain, loss of enjoyment of life and severe emotional and physical distress." It's unclear if this is the same Jessica McCarthy who was arrested on Staten Island last year for allegedly extorting money from a "risque" photographer.