Yesterday the Occupy Wall Street protesters held mass demonstrations against America's outrageously inequitable wealth distribution and highly dysfunctional banking system. In response to the protests, Wall Street firms immediately implemented strict new trading regulations, and wealthiest 1% voluntarily agreed to substantial tax increases! But it seems that some people still didn't get the message, because over in the West Village, the CEO of a private investment firm dropped $17.5 million on an apartment he's only going to use occasionally—presumably for wild, drug-fueled orgies we wouldn't attend even if he got down on his fat knees and begged us.

The Times reports that it is one of the priciest non-penthouse purchases of the year, and it comes with spectacular views of both the Hudson River and the city. But the best part about this story is that it gives people like real estate broker Brett Miles the opportunity to open his mouth and say things such as, "People can say a lot about the market, but luxury is doing just fine." Oh, yes. We're sure luxurious conspicuous consumption will continue to do just fine, and there's no reason to worry about the barbarians gathering at the gates of your 3,661 square foot pied-à-terre in apartment 11B. It's not as if they know exactly where you live or anything.

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