There appears to be a bit of a SNAFU on this morning's PATH train. Due to "an earlier medical emergency," there have been delays of a half hour or more for trains connecting Newark and Hoboken to the WTC station. Occurring as they are in the dark, brutal heart of the morning rush hour, the delays are causing severe overcrowding on train platforms as commuters wait to board. There are also ominous reports of "no air":

One tipster tells us, "It's been longer than that already and I can't even get on a train because they're not moving." Food, folks, and fun:

Newark Penn Station this morning (Courtesy Valerio Bruscianelli)

The nature of the medical emergency that caused the delays remains unclear, but we'll update when we hear back from the Port Authority. Service is supposedly returning to "normal," but in the meantime, Twitter is here to help: