Seemingly unperturbed by news of Brooklyn's surrender, Mayor de Blasio and his family enjoyed Day 3 of their extended Italian vacation today. An Italian news outlet was lucky enough to capture video of de Blasio and son/teen celebrity Dante onboard a motorboat near the island of Capri. Guarda:

My Italian is a tad rusty save for solid collection of profanities, but it appears the outlet is surprised that 16-year-old Dante is manning the boat, while the adult (and yawning) de Blasio takes the backseat. Clearly, they do not realize that Dante is a superhero.

The First Family of New York will be in Italy until July 27th, which gives both the Italian and U.S. press ample time to photograph Dante shirtless for his legions of tween fans.

[h/t @GideonResnick]