A mugger allegedly stole

a $400 gold chain right off the neck of a three-year-old who was sitting in his stroller in Bedford-Stuyvesant last week. Wait, seriously? That's like stealing $400 gold candy from a baby! Only someone like Mr. Burns would do that.

But according to the Post, there really is some dastardly mugger running around stealing from tots. This robber and his accomplice attacked little Harvey Hernandez in the lobby of his family’s Malcolm X Boulevard apartment building at 11:45 p.m. Tuesday. Harvey's mother Riyana Guerrero believes they had followed her and her two sons home from a local laundromat. “I was screaming ‘Let go of my baby! Let go of my baby!’” she told the Post she screamed in Spanish at them. “[The man] didn’t say anything — he just looked at us and laughed, almost mocking us. How could he do this to a helpless little baby!”

The expensive chain was a gift from Harvey’s godparents for his baptism—it has a small medallion on it with the image of hands holding a child. Guerro is relieved the attacker didn't steal her child, and nobody was hurt: “I didn’t care about the gold; I was just worried about my [kids],” she said. “It was horrible. I don’t feel safe going out into the street now.”