2008_10_bkbsh.jpgThe ME's office said that two brothers, fatally shot by two police officers early Sunday morning, had been shot in the back. The NYPD says the shooting appears to fall within departmental guidelines, because the police were fired upon when they came upon a brawl outside the RJ's Place, a club in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. Police say brothers Dwayne David and Kayshawn Forde were armed and had ignored the cops' orders to drop their guns. Still, David's and Forde's mother said, "My question is, Why were they shot in the back if they were shooting at police? I want answers from the cops." (The police say the men were trying to run away.) Mayor Bloomberg said, "What I'm satisfied with is the investigation that's being done right now. And until the investigation is complete, nobody really knows what happened."