theconfession.jpgThe mud is being flung in the McGreevey divorce, a separation precipitated by the former NJ Governor's announcement that he is "a gay American." Jim McGreevey's estranged wife insists that she is not homophobic, but is trying to protect her daughter by filing court papers describing behavior she feels isn't in the young girl's interest. Dina McGreevey's complaints include an allegation that Jim lets their daughter sleep in the same bed he shares with his current boyfriend, he displays a large life-sized photo of a nude man in his bedroom, and that he isn't paying his fair share of their daughter's educational expenses. The NY Post actually bullet points many of her complaints.

Claimed that Jim took Jacqueline to an out-of-state media event without her knowledge, and "put his daughter's safety and welfare at risk, just as he did [to New Jersey citizens] when he appointed Golan Cipel as homeland security adviser." McGreevey has said he and Cipel were lovers.

That one strikes us as slightly gratuitous in reference. Jim McGreevey responded to the allegations, saying that he had the nude photo, which was art, removed after Dina complained and that he was acting as a good father by allowing his daughter to come to him if she couldn't sleep or got scared in the night, but never let her sleep in his bed.

Dina McGreevey has asked the court to seal their divorce records, citing safety concerns for their daughter. We imagine privacy might also be a concern after reading all about their divorce in the New York Post.