Parts of McCarren Park are being overtaken by drunk homeless people who poop in public and scare the neighborhood children—and it's no laughing matter. The Brooklyn Paper today picked up the story that New York Shitty's been covering for months, giving it a glib little treatment pitting "neighborhood nannies" against "liquored-up vagabonds" who stink up the children's playground in the park. But the real issue here goes way beyond just poop, says Heather Letzkus of NY Shitty.

"This isn't a poop problem, it's a homeless problem," Letzkus says. "There is a substantial homeless population here that is not being helped. Many of these people are alcoholics, or addicts, and they don't speak English [most of them are Polish], and they have a serious problem." Letzkus believes the homeless population—"which is not new in McCarren"—is drawn to the corridor along Lorimer St between Bedford and Driggs because Abate Playground and Jerzy Popieluszko Square are not locked at night, and are relatively secluded. The homeless people in question can often be seen sleeping, urinating or defecating during the day in view of children at the playground, and have "taken over" the Square with their "accoutrements" like makeshift laundry.

The 94th Precinct patrols the park and North Brooklyn Parks administrators say they lock up the playground and the Square after hours on weekends, but it's not enough, as evidenced by Shitty's reports and the Friends and Families of McCarren Park Facebook page, which is filled with fecal-related complaints. "I am aware that poop happens, but this is more than just a 'drunk poor people' thing," says Letzkus. "Having children play in urine and feces—is that really necessary? If this was anywhere outside of north Brooklyn, this would have ended a long time ago."