Good news for kickballers/slackliners/Pride and Prejudice LARPers feeling hemmed in by McCarren Park's limited green space: It's expanding!

The park won city approval to convert Union Avenue between Driggs Avenue and North 12th Street into a permanent pedestrian plaza, adding an extra 33,800 square feet to the park, DNAinfo reports.

The Parks Department still needs to locate a source of funding before it can implement a permanent design, though a temporary plaza will be erected by next year. A presentation by the department last April revealed some neighborhood drivers to be less than thrilled by the 34 parking spaces to be sacrificed by the expansion, though a Parks spokesperson said at the time that those spaces could likely be recovered by the removal of obsolete signage and unused fire hydrants.

We've reached out to the Parks Department for additional comment, and will update this story if we hear back.