Everyone is abuzz about the new renderings of McCarren Park Pool unveiled at the CB1 meeting last night, except they look exactly the same as the ones unveiled a year ago! Okay, close your eyes and picture McCarren Park Pool...now add some aquamarine-toned blue water courtesy of your mind's Photoshop, and that's pretty much what it's going to look like (for the imaginationally challenged, this is also represented in the rendering above).

NY1 has some new details from the meeting, however, reporting back that "the pool will not be as large as the original. Instead, it will be reconfigured to a u-shaped design accommodating 2,500 people. The middle will be a beach area in the summer and turn into an ice staking rink in the winter. Outdoor pavilions will be added on site to serve as changing stations," and the main buildings will house both a gym and a recreational/community center. A beach volleyball court and a rooftop cafe (atop the Landmark) are also a possibility—but don't bust out the sunscreen just yet, you won't be able to dip your feet in the water until at least 2011.