It's happened to us all: One minute, you're rolling through McCarren Park, looking fly with your roller blades and neon spandex shorts, checking out hotties on the grass while 2 Legit 2 Quit bumps from your boombox. Next thing you know, you're on the ground, legs akimbo and boombox smashed on the ground thanks to that god damn pot hole. The hotties are laughing. Your injuries are not ironic.

Well, no more. A mini-McCarren Park makeover is now complete, including freshly repaved paths at Bedford and North 12th Street, Bedford and Lorimer, and North 12th and Driggs, a spokesperson for Councilman Stephen Levin—who secured the funding from the city—told us.

Not only were the paths repaved, they were also narrowed slightly in an effort to add more green space to the park. (The "green space" currently exists as dirt, but seeds have been planted and will grow...eventually!) The project, which was started in June of 2010, also included the addition of around 40 "World's Fair style-benches, and an improved drainage system that will sop up Hipster Lake once and for all.

In total, the renovations cost around $940,000, the spokesperson said. Unfortunately there are currently no plans to replant the Vagina Tree destroyed by Hurricane Irene.